The most comprehensive history of Colrain, including Catamount and the flag-raising, is a book titled A History of Colrain, Massachusetts, with Genealogies of Early Families by Lois McClellan Patrie, published in 1974. A copy of the book may be borrowed from the Colrain's Griswold Memorial Library. Reprints of this book are available to purchase at the library.

Where the schoolhouse flag first floated: the story of Catamount Hill by Carol Purington. The beautiful and historically intriguing section of Colrain known as Catamount Hill is widely remembered for a unique flag-raising that took place in 1812. But there is much more to know about this area and its people, and in this 22-page prose booklet Carol Purington tells the story of a place fascinating for its natural beauty and unusual record of community life, as well as for its role in American history.